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4 Ways Of Getting In The "Zone"

The zone, or flow state, is a state of mind where you have intense focus on the one thing you are working on. Notice how it's just ONE thing. You need that singularity of focus.

Despite what you might've heard, there really is no such thing as multi-tasking. It's almost impossible for the human brain to exceptionally do two tasks very well simultaneously.

You get into this state of mine when something is just challenging enough that it keeps you engaged, but not so challenging that it just gives you too much anxiety.

You might be thinking, well why not just do something that's not too challenging? How about the easy route?

Well, then chances are you won't be stimulated enough to actually stick with it.

I also feel like you should have a strong emotional connection to whatever it is that you are doing. If it's not something that lights you up, and gets your brain juices flowing, then it's not going to be something that you can stick with for a long period of time.

That being said, here are my 4 ways to really hone in on your zone, and getting things done.

Finish The Most Important Tasks First

It doesn't matter what your task is pertaining to, but there are always SUB tasks you must complete. Whatever the harder ones are, create a plan of action to complete the first.

- Don't fret if you haven't finished everything. Do what you can.

- Give yourself a set amount of time for this, then move on.

- If you find that you are being overwhelmed with it, take a 5 minute break and go walk.

Turn Off Your Phone

Or at least limit yourself to how much you actually end up using it. How many times have you worked on something, just to take a "break" and end up scrolling through instagram for 10 minutes?

This point goes hand in hand with making sure your environment is one that allows you to get a good amount of work done. It's extremely important that you tackle your tasks 1 by 1.

Put On Brainwave Music

This is my personal favourite for getting sh*t done! I like to meditate, which in and of itself is a huge benefit for your mind and body.

Meditative music while I am working on tasks is a bonus, because not only do you have calm music, but it's also brain waves which alter your state of mind for the better. But as a caution point, delta waves are created when you are in a sleep induced state, so maybe it's best if you don't go for those.

Be Consistent & Persistent

Getting all your tasks done won't just happen magically. Even when you DON'T feel like it, you trek through and remember the reasons as to why you started in the first place.

Let's say you set your timer for 35 minutes of focused work. If you aren't done your task in the 35 minutes, then don't sweat it. You have two options from here.

- You can move on to the other task

- You can set your timer up again for how long you think you would need, and get it done!


Sharpening your mind and honing down on your task is essential to gaining that focus.

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