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5 Reasons Why I Joined The Healthy Wealthy And Wise Coaching Program

August 10, 2018


Shahab Nilgiri

Self investment should be the greatest investment of all, yet lots of people don't partake in it. 

Why is that?

There's a plethora of reasons as to why that may be, but here's to hoping that my personal reasons may inspire you to find your own reasons as to WHY investing within yourself may be the greatest thing you can do for yourself. 

First of all, what is Healthy Wealthy and Wise?

It's a personal development platform, meant to enhance your understanding of self, of life, and all other aspects of it.

It's a tool used for building your own coaching business, if you choose. 

It's a business opportunity, if you want it to be. 

1. Within the academy, there are different subtopics that you can learn more about if it grabs your interest

The HWW Academy involves the following:

Physical Wealth TV / Fitness Wealth TV

This is where all research backed information about physical health is here. Physical being the nutrition talk, the inflammation, the vitamins and minerals. It's the things that most might not spend too much time talking about, yet it's vital in order for you to live the best days, filled with great energy. 

The Fitness part of it being the pure exercise portions of this segment. What routines are best for muscle gain, fat loss, metabolism boost, etc...

Habitual Wealth TV

The habitual segment of the program introduces you to new ideas, insights, and recommendations on how you can introduce healthier habits into your daily routine. 

One cannot change things in their life without making small consistent changes in their daily routine. 

Relationship Wealth TV

Each of us has relationships with different people. That includes family, colleagues, friends, significant other, and so on. 

Learning how to thrive in these relationships means a happier life for you, and people tend to feed off of someone's else's good energy. 

Spiritual Wealth TV

What does it mean to have spiritual wealth? How can you implement it in your daily routine? You can learn about gaining a new perspective with the spiritual wealth library.

Right there you have 5 reasons listed, but the education portion is just 1 reason. 

2. Community Of Like Minded Individuals

We all know that having people that are like minded around you is extremely important. It puts you in a good headspace, and helps you get things done more efficiently. This is your tribe, and they are there to help if you are willing to take action. 

3. All You Need Is ONE Reason To Make A Change

Do you want to change your health? Your finances? Your overall quality of life with proper foods? Whatever the case may be, there's something for everyone. 

For me, I wanted to change my personal contribution to the world. I help individuals with their fitness, and in an indirect way, with their mindset. 

There's an array of people who...

aren't doing fitness,  

aren't allowing themselves to follow/find their path, 

aren't in their most ideal situation

... And those are the individuals who I want to help. I felt like this program was exactly what I needed when it came to coaching knowledge, business knowledge, money knowledge, and overall life knowledge. 

4. One On One Coaching

I like a personalized approach, as I'm sure you do too. Getting 1 on 1 coaching catered to you is so useful, that I didn't mind investing for that reason alone. If I want to get to a certain point in my life, I'm going to need to emulate people who are already there. 

What areas do you want to better in?

5. Serving Others

Anyone who does any kind of work like this, does it because they love people, love their energy, and it's their passion. 

People are my passion, and this is another way to reach more people, help more lives, and get the word out there that something like this exists, and it can help you too. 

Keep in mind, serving others doesn't just have to be strangers. I include my immediate family, AND my future family as well. I want both to have a great life, and know that it can be something that you enjoy living, and something you can have an inner fire about. 

A GREAT Reason

A great reason as to why some may join, might be because of the proprietary 36 step buy-sell investment algorithm that has yielded members up to 5 figure returns. 

Every month, you get a new featured stock pick, and it's up to you whether you want to invest or not. When everyone is making returns on every pick, you know there's something good here. 

Everyone deserves to have multiple streams of income, what's wrong with that? You get to help more individuals that way. 

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