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5 Things To ADD To Your Nighttime Routine

MAD is Mentality, Adaption, and Discipline.

Adding this routine requires all 3, but heavily relies on your MENTALITY, and the DISCIPLINE to keep it.

We tend to focus on having a morning routine (hopefully, right?), but what about a nighttime routine?

This is JUST as important.

For those of you who know me pretty well, you know I'm all about adding things into your life that will benefit you, not necessarily take energy away from you. Having a night-time and a morning routine proves to be the most beneficial.

I was having this discussion with a client of mine recently, and she mentioned how she's not sure what to do, let alone how to even start.

Having some kind of a nighttime routine allows you to

  • Have a more clear path as to how your next day will be

  • Be less stressed about the day ahead

  • Have a higher sense of calm, since you've pre-planned what you will put your energy into

  • You are more aligned, therefore you'll output a more positive outlook and energy

There are a countless amount of things you can start for your routine, but let's dive into 5 that you can start today to see drastic improvements in your day to day.


This one is tough for people, since we are so addicted to our phones.

If you stare at your phone in bed, then you're already ruining the potential of deep sleep. Not only that, but it's a time killer!

How many times have you said to yourself that you'll ONLY be on your phone for 10 minutes, which turns into 30 real quick?

Take this a step further, and you'll notice

-Your mind is running

-You've lost focus on actually getting to sleep

-You're having trouble sleeping, so you stay on your phone longer

-You potentially beat yourself up (metaphorically) for being on your phone for so long

Not only that, but you're putting your melatonin release in jeopardy, which will mess up your circadian rhythm, which will in turn mess up your whole cycle.

Let's look at what will happen once you start to use your phone less before going to bed.

  • Less Anxious

Because looking at your phone causes you to stay up and hinder your potential for deep sleep, you might tend towards more anxiety for your day ahead. You may be more irritable.

  • More Time

The usual phone time can be spent either doing some meditation (one of the routines) or reading a book (another routine), or maybe it's a bit more time talking to your significant other.

  • Better Sleep

This was mentioned previously, BUT it's always worth mentioning again.

Btw, this doesn't only apply to phones. This is for any technology that keeps you distracted, and keeps you up.


Research shows that snuggling up in your blanket and reading your favourite book before bed can reduce your stress levels. Ok, you don't actually have to snuggle up, but you get the idea.

But let's think about this for a second...

Between watching TV, and reading a book, one typically is more calming than the other. The only thing with the TV (or Netflix, since no one really watches TV too much) is you're mind is going to be so stimulated with that drama filled show you just finished watching. Plus, all that light in your eyes most likely won't help. (if you watch in a dark room)

You can be sure that after doing this for sometime, you'll feel....

  • More creative

  • Less stressed (as mentioned before)

  • More concentration


I've mentioned meditation many times before, and it should come as no surprise.

Look up meditation benefits, and you'll find a countless amount of things that are great for your mind and soul.

Try not to think of it as sitting and breathing, but more like this...

  • Calming down your nervous system

  • Reducing your heart rate

  • Quieting your mind

  • Being present

  • Getting a bigger sense and feeling of joy

All that sounds like it would equal out to some relaxing, deep sleep.

Write Down Your Next Day

Any individual you know who's done well for themselves, most likely has done this one step on a continuous basis.

This doesn't have much to do with helping you go to sleep per say, but it's more to do with having a sense of direction for your next day. There's nothing worse than going to bed not really knowing how tomorrow is going to look like. Then, once tomorrow arrives, you're REALLY lost.

Yes, you can totally start with just 1 or 2 of these strategies, but let's look at a possible scenario if you were to implement these 3 mentioned so far.

-You come home after a busy day

-Spend time with the family, do small chores and watch a bit of Netflix

-You decide that 30 minutes before you want to sleep, you want to read for 10 of those minutes

-You start to feel more calm.

-Once you put the book down, you want to sit and breathe for 5 minutes, but it feels really calm so it ends up being 10.

-For the remaining 10, you jot down a few things that you want to get done tomorrow for work, and for some errands.

Yes, these sound simple and straightforward, but it's going to be so helpful.

Those were ONLY 3 of the routines. Imagine doing all 5? You can definitely do all 5 within 30 minutes.

Avoid Negative News

This one is a big one for most people. How many times have you watched CNN (crisis news network) for WAY too long?

Although, I must say, this one might depend on the type of person you are.

Some people may not find it that bad to watch the news before bed. They just like to know what's going on. Maybe in the long run, they don't find any negative effects.

Few may feel down depending on the day. Regardless, there are lots of cases of individuals just like you and I that have gotten benefit from not watching anything negative before sleep.

All in all, it would most likely be better to not watch Trump related news before heading to sleep.

Give you subconscious mind a break, will ya?!

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