• Shahab Nilgiri

5 Ways To Deal With Your Crippling Stress

Stress is everywhere, and it's not realistic to say "don't be stressed".

Even though I won't be able to give you a magic formula to get rid of your stress, I can help you to MANAGE your stress using 5 techniques that have helped me and countless others. 

All that being said, there IS a stress that you can use more of, and that is eustress.

This is a stress that makes you do things for efficiently, and consistently. You are passionate about a topic and you want to get things done. 

Distress on the other hand is harmful, and can lead to more chronic effects. These 5 tips will help you manage your everyday stress levels.

Take A Mental Break

We've all been there. There's lots to do on the roster, and right when you think you can do it all, you have this sense of burnout. 

Instead of being in a harmonious state of mind, you're in a stressed, fight or flight state and it's getting to you. 

You need a mental BREAK!

This could be as simple as stopping everything that you're doing, taking 2 minutes to yourself and start deep breathing. Breathing has a powerful calming effect on your nervous system, and it's part of the reason as to why meditating is such a big thing now in the western world. 

All you need is 2 minutes. If you like the feeling and can spare a few more minutes, do 5. 

Get Some Movement

This could be another form of a mental break, but you're adding movement in this routine. 

This can be as simple as a walk, or a full on exercise routine. Get that blood flowing, get the good hormones flowing, and then get that clear mind to tackle your stresses in a more positive way. 

Keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily have to be a full on gym routine. Your movement can consist of a brisk walk around the block. Keep it simple!

Be Visual

This can be a stress diary tool that you use sparingly, but it's best paired after doing one of the above (once you're a bit calmer)

Writing down what things are stressing you could help you see your stresses from a different angle (a visual one) and you may come up with different ways to deal with the issue at hand. 

Apart from writing it down, you could do some colouring! Look up some of the benefits of colouring, and you'll be surprised at what you find!

Stay In The Moment

When things seem like they are getting out of hand, bring your attention back to the breathe. Come back to the present moment. 

This makes sure that you are solving your issue with your mind's full capacity, rather than being in an emotional tangle. 

Don't Try To Be A Superhero 

We tend to think that we can handle more than a few things at a time. 

While this may work for some, it can cause hinderance for others. 

Don't try to be a superhero. Don't tackle too many things at once. Set a deadline for one of your tasks, and make sure you COMPLETE that task before you move on to anything else! 

I've been guilty of trying to take on more than 1 task, and it causes overwhelm. 

In conclusion... 

I want you to try your best to manage your stress levels.

Do what works for you, because you know yourself best. 

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