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6 Ways To Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed & In A Low

Even the most motivated individuals on planet earth feel de-motivated sometimes. I'm talking about the Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Les Brown, and so on.

It's about small steps, consistency, and knowing that you're making greater changes for yourself.

Way too many times I've felt that nagging feeling of not wanting to do anything, and it almost feels like it's not possible to get out of it. But quite honestly, it's so much better once you actually do find a way to get out. All of these ways really helped me out. Implement these, and see which one works best for you.

1. Become More Self Aware: Realizing that there's that up and down flow when it comes to motivation, and it's not always going to be as picture perfect as you would like it to be. Self awareness in this scenario means that despite you not feeling the greatest about doing anything, you realize that this feeling is normal, you let it be, and you do ONE thing to get some type of flow. What helps with achieving this bit by bit everyday, is meditation.

2. One Goal: In my experience, this low feeling comes from me having too many things on my mind. Instead of having one major goal that I have some mini sub-tasks for, I end up having too many other tasks on my to-do that I try to tackle at once. This ends up being busy work, and not even productive work. I'm sure this will help you tenfold. You may totally have more than one goal, but on a given day, focus on ONE thing, and only work on that one thing as best as you can. Help yourself by doing this so you can reduce your overwhelm.

3. Get That Support: The hardest thing to do is doing everything alone. Yes, you can do most things on your own, and there's nothing wrong with that. This depends on your personality, your drive, and how much time you are willing to invest. You have to ask yourself how much your time is worth. Getting that coaching helps you with eliminating guesswork, and building off of the accountability that you get.

4. Watch, Listen, Read Inspiration: This could be reading about things you want to accomplish, and also watching similar stories. When I feel a slump, I tend to listen to a ted talk, or read something about someone who overcame the craziest of adversities that you wouldn't have even imagined. Just knowing that other people out there have done what you want to do, and have gone through the hardships, makes life a bit more....digestible.

5. Once You Accomplish One Thing, Build On Momentum: Sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised how many people actually don't take advantage of momentum. When you've taken care of one thing, take care of another, and another, and so forth. Building on your already built momentum is a sure fire way of cascading into a better overall pattern of discipline. Once you start to build your mental muscle, you will practically be unstoppable.

6. Ask For Help: Nothing wrong with asking for help when needed. Don't have an online coach you can ask? Not a problem. Join some type of an online forum, or in person group, or talk to someone you trust who you know could help you. The biggest mistake you can make, is going about this all by yourself if you feel like you really need to talk to someone. In a way, we are all the same. We are trying to get through this thing called life in the most productive and safest way possible. The thing is, the safest way is not always the most fulfilling. That opens up another can of worms all together. Long story short, ask for help!

If you'd like a step by step plan to

- Achieve whatever personal development goals you want

- Gain more accountability in your life

- Beat the status quo when it comes to how you think, and what you achieve

- Have a plan of action, and actually take that action

.... then you need to book your call with me here.

We dive into your situation, your needs, your goals, and how we could best work together ( and if we'd be a great fit)

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