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Feminine Energy & Masculine Energy - The Ultimate Balance Game

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

It doesn't matter whether you are a male, or a female. Fact of the matter is, you have both energies inside you, and it's up to you to hone in on the balance side of things.

This will be a short read, and you'll see why.

Both of these energies are different in nature, so let's get into that.

Male Energy

  • Goal Focused

  • Visionary

  • Competitive

  • Logic Based

  • Assertive

  • Structured Thinking

  • Linear Focused

Female Energy

  • Intuition

  • Heart

  • Listening

  • Responsive

  • Emotions

  • Accommodating

  • Receptive

Having a balance of both of these, ESPECIALLY if you are in a relationship is crucially important.

What happens if you and your partner are having an important discussion, and maybe it's about something big, like renovations. This is how the different energies might play out in that scenario.

Your masculine energy...

- Might be very logic based, stating that these colours work well, and it's cost effective. On top of this, you're also being pretty assertive about the whole thing since you've pretty much made up your mind.

Her feminine energy

- Might go with a colour that she feels a certain connection to. She may have always liked a shade of purple, and you're going against what she feels somewhat of a connection with. Or maybe it's in her gut she just feels like your colour isnt the right choice, and you can feel it in her.

For Everyone, Having Balance Is KEY

Being stuck in one energy for too long causes us to be stagnant, and not grow to the fullest potential. We also might tend to grow a bit negative. Suppose that a male just wanted to convey his aggressive energy. How well do you think his personal and professional relationships might turn out if all he shows is his aggressive side?

If everyone accessed both the energy systems, then we are much more likely to solve upcoming issues in a better, more structured way.

Accessing both energies in the proper place and time allows us to live in harmony with ourselves, but also with others.

This Is NOT Only For Individuals

Businesses need this as well. If people in an organization are run too much by 1 energy, then chances are that NOTHING in that company would be run as smoothly as it could be.

Hove you been in a workplace where there were decisions made that you weren't 100% okay with? Maybe it happened repetitively? Chances are, it wasn't by chance.

So What Can You Take Away From This?

The MAIN thing I want you to take away is, you need to be open to both systems.

If you don't know how to go about this, let's work on getting resourceful. Watch Mark Gungor on Youtube, it's a great talk.

Do a self audit on how you are. Do you over react? Do you not react enough? (Yes, that is a thing). Do you get overly sensitive about things?

All these play a role in how you are as a person. This effects your relationship with you, and with the people around you.

So get clear, get crackin, and get those energies synced up so you'll be unstoppable!

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