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How To Take Charge Of Your Morning

May 3, 2016


Shahab Nilgiri

Own your morning, own your day!

I'm a big believer in morning routines, and in my opinion, how you take charge of your morning determines how you will take charge of your day. 

First of all, why even have a routine? And how does it exactly help?

Having a routine helps you take care of yourself, rather than rushing out the door and causing unnecessary anxiety

It helps with your intensions for the day. Ideally, you should know what these are the night before, but upon waking, you can see these intensions, rather than stressing to figure them out first thing in the morning  

It creates more self discipline in your life, which is extremely important for getting the things that matter, done

More importantly, it reduces your stress levels. Most people are very stressed, and just blindly going about the morning doesn't help. 

So, now that we've mentioned the importance of a morning routine....

What are some steps that you can stack (taking your time) that will help you make the best of YOUR morning?

These are the things that I do (except for exercise, you'll see why) but you choose whatever you want. It could be something that's not even on this list, as long as you have a routine!


First thing in the morning, you get out of bed, and you're stiff as nails. What do you do? Probably just keep doing your thing. 

The older you get, the more this NEEDS to be part of your routine. A flexible body is a healthy one. 

I typically do some glute and hip stretches while I'm in bed, and this takes only 5 minutes. Once I get up, I'll spend another 3-4 minutes loosening up my lower and upper body

Because time is of the essence, I do more upper body stretches while I make breakfast downstairs. 

If you have time, do all your stretches at once, and you can do these in less than 8 minutes in the morning. I know you have that time for yourself. 

Cold Shower

This is a hard one for most people. You don't NEED to do this, but good lord, is it ever exhilarating!

I got into cold showers by coming across a man named Wim Hof (look him up) and something about it really stuck out to me. 

Maybe I'm just crazy and I like to experiment, but experiment I did, and it gives me a jolt of energy. It really does wake you up, especially if you wake up as early as I do. 

The biggest thing with cold showers is it puts you in an uncomfortable state even before you get it. It's all psychological for myself and most people. I know that if I can get over this uncomfortable hump first thing in the morning, I can do anything else that I want in the day. 


The benefits of meditation are practically endless, but you have to do it right.

It's not as simple as chanting "Om" a million times, but it IS as simple as paying attention to your breath. 

During my meditation, I typically meditate on my goals I want to accomplish on that day, and be as present as I can. 

If you remember from earlier, writing your goals down the previous night is helpful, and recommended. This way you can actually think about the things you want to tackle, rather than think about what to do last minute. 

This is in the air for most people, since they can't stand being alone with themselves, and with their thoughts (whether they believe that or not).

Look up the benefits, and decide whether it's something you think you can try! 

Proper Meal

This one depends, because breakfast being the most "important meal of the day" notion has been de-bunked.

HOWEVER, that being said, I'm all for people doing what's right for their body. 

It's okay to skip breakfast if you're body can handle it (it's actually meant to).

It's not okay to skip breakfast if you are just going to grab Mcdonald's drive through later.

If you are going to eat breakfast, then eat a meal with protein and fat preferably, so you're satiated for a long period of time.

If you are going to skip breakfast, then eat the same kind of meal later. 

Obviously, have your variety of greens and hydrate throughout your day. 


If you can fit this in into your busy morning, then that's amazing!

I typically work early (6 am) and don't have time to fit in a workout first thing in the morning, but you can be sure I get it into my day!

If you can fit this in first thing, it sets your day up brilliantly!

It gets the juices flowing, so to speak, The feel good hormones are on the rise, and you feel unstoppable. 

There you have it, a small snippet of what a potential morning routine could look like.

If this helped you out, please leave a comment, and share it with someone whom you think can get value out of this!

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