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More Grounded, Means Control Over Anxiety. 3 Ways To Implement This In Your Life

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

So, what's being "grounded" anyway?

I can't say I'm perfect at this, but I've worked on it, and I can tell you that it definitely makes a difference in how you deal and react to things.

Simply put, being grounded means that your energy is within yourself, deep inside, centred. It's not all over the place and you haven't gone bat sh*t crazy.

If you've been in a situation where someone said something to you, and you didn't react as well as you hoped to, chances are you probably weren't as grounded, or centred as you could have been.

I Say All This, Because It's Important To Feel In Control When We Feel Like Things Aren't In Our Control

I write all this, because anxiety seems to be rising quite a bit, and everywhere you look, people tend to be stressed out.

This stress comes from uncertainty. This could be a whole array of things...

- new job

- lost job

- sick family member

- forced to change up your whole routine.

The uncertainty in our lives force us to think in a different way, and for most of us, the stress gets the best of us.

That being said, this same stress and uncertainty forces us to (is used correctly) to become more resilient, stronger, and be able to better deal with future events that may have been unplanned (which will most likely always happen).

So, how do you actually practise the art of being grounded? How do you keep your cool in different situations that you didn't even expect?

Here are 5 of my favourite ways to get er' done!

1. Let The Feeling Be There, And Slowly Pass

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, because we INSTANTLY want to take care of this uneasy feeling, and we feel like we shouldn't have to deal with this.

When this feeling arises, chances are, it's somewhere in the body. Where is it? After, can you sit with it for a bit? Can you figure out why it's there? Why it even came?

This practise causes us to be more mindful and present as to what the situation is, and how to better deal with it. The more we practise this (meditation helps), the better we become at not letting anxious thoughts gaining control over our conscious mind.

2. Learn To Know That It's Okay To Feel "Groundlessness" Sometimes.

So there's a reason as to why you feel this way. That being said, it's fine that you do, because I'm sure the reason is legitimate.

Now, it's okay that the feeling is there, but it's also okay that let it happen.

What can you learn from this moment? What's something that's actually quite positive about it?

I'm not saying it will be easy, but I do invite you to try and be open to that feeling.

If you re-frame the current issue into what you can actually learn from it, rather than why it's stressing you in the moment, then you are much more likely to get something positive from it, rather than just the negative feelings.

3. These Things Bring Resiliency. Learn To Love The Big "R"

When things don't necessarily go our way, resiliency is saying "okay, it's not ideal, but it can still be dealt with, and things are still okay"

Not everything single little thing is going to be under our control, so the sooner we become okay with that, the better.

In the world today, there's chaos (metaphorically) and order. When chaos arises, we have to take that deep breath, savour that breath, and be as present as we can possibly be within that moment.

Being present with it doesn't mean that we don't do anything about it. Being present with it means that we feel it, recognize it, figure out why it's there and what exactly we can do about it in a constructive and positive way.

Try these 3 habits today, but try them with intention. You do anything with a half work mentality, you'll always get half the results.

Be very conscious when you are trying these the next time you are under a stress situation.

If you'd like to work together to figure things out, and need that accountability along the way, then let's book that call and have a chat together.

Know someone who may make use of this content? Please do share! :)

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