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Positive Self Talk? More Like, Crazy Self Talk

The first thing you thought of when you started to read this post, was that voice that I'm talking about. The voice in your head can either be negative, positive, or just all out crazy.

The issue here, is we are too close to our inner voice to be objective towards it. Whatever the voice says to us, we see at as ultimate truth, and nothing else.

Notice how it just starts to say whatever, whenever.

"Omg, did I call Jessica? No, maybe I didn't. But that's okay, because she barely picks up the phone anyway. But I probably should've called her. I hope she doesn't get mad because of this. Oh no, if she gets mad, then what will happen?

Notice how the chatter doesn't really make sense? It goes all over the place, and it doesn't really pick a side. Once it talks about one thing, it automatically goes to the next, and the next, until you feel drained out of your mental energy.

The more we really dive into what this voice is saying, the more we realize that the voice never shuts up. It's always in there, saying whatever. This voice is trying to find some end point to rest itself, but it never ends up finding that point. Because of this, you end up listening to all this chatter.

Think about this, if you came across someone who OUT LOUD started to say whatever was on their mind, you would think they are crazy. So if that's the case, why tolerate the voice that's talking in your head?

Most of the time, the reason as to why the mind talks to much, is because there's a buildup of energy. It's like a tea kettle that's too hot, it starts to whistle. Same thing with your mind. There's a lot in there, and if you're not doing something like exercise, then it's going to just add up until you end up very frustrated.

Separating Yourself

The moment we take a step back, is the moment where we start to win the battle against our own mind.

Yes, we can really dive into every little detail that there is when it comes to the mind, conscious, subconscious, and everything in between.

But we must be willing to work on the basics first, and realize that we don't have to identify with everything our mind is saying inside.

Your Daily Actions

Going back to your inner dialogue, everything it says has an effect on your mental and physiological being. What if it says something that makes you feel bad inside?? What if it says something that diminishes your confidence just a little bit??

Chances are, your actions won't really consist of anything that would empower you. Rather, they would be those that do the total opposite, because you've ended up believing whatever it's saying. You've identified with it, whether it be consciously or not.

Your Action Steps

  • When your mind starts to go off in a consistent chatter, don't judge it.

  • Once you're not judging, take a step back and just listen to all it's saying. If you say something like "omg, why am I talking to myself like this?", then you are resisting. The more we resist, the more resistance we actually get. No judgement = no resistance

  • Your ego will tell you that you need to do something about this. In reality, you just need to let it be. There's more than 1 reason as to why your mind might be chatting negatively, but as a start, we must learn to let go without added resistance from our side.

  • You are not the voice in your mind, you are the one who hears it.

  • Most of the things that your mind is saying, it doesn't even make sense. It doesn't take a side. So, get presence with it, rather than be lost in it.

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