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Possessions Don't Equal To Fulfillment

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Have you ever gone into a spiral of buying many possessions and gotten excited, just to have that excitement go away after a few days?

Have you done this over and over, thinking that it will have a different outcome each time?

Same can be said for getting to know people. Meeting as many people as you can is not going to fulfill you either.

So What Exactly Gives You Some Level Of Fulfillment?

This is different for everyone, especially depending on what kind of personality type you are.

-having a job that gives back

-doing some kind of volunteer work

-helping the ones in your circle, and others

-being there for your family

But we don't just want SOME level of fulfillment, we want a level that we can be proud of. Sure, nothing is going to be perfect, but we can try to make it as close as possible. No one ever said that there's anything wrong with that.

So what are some steps that you can take to have feel "full"? (You know what I mean)

  • Take Stock Of What You Have, And What You Are Grateful For

This doesn't mean that you ignore the "bad" that is in your life, it just means that you accept what is, don't judge the circumstance, but also enjoy what's working for you. This is when you actually practise gratitude, and be happy for what you have. I can guarantee that what you have now, is 10X better than where someone else is at currently.

  • Find A Purpose Greater Than You

This doesn't have to be some big bold and audacious purpose. The word purpose itself tends to close people off. BUT, that being said, if there is something that gives you joy, adds value to other people's lives, then that most likely is your purpose that is greater than you.

When you do this thing, you're not necessarily worried about what others might think, or any negativity thought patterns coming your way. You are just doing, you are being, and you are being present.

  • Visualize Your Life At It's Fullest

There is nothing wrong with visualizing a future that's greater than what the current life holds. There will be some resistance to this, but it's part of the process. What will give you ultimate fulfillment is being consistent in the pursuit of making this visualization a reality.

  • Celebrate The Small Wins

Something in my opinion, people don't do enough. More or less, everyone is concerned with getting AS MANY things as possible without really stepping back and appreciating what all one has accomplished.

Step back, breathe, and allow feelings of gratitude to take over and help you appreciate even more. Just because you celebrate a small win doesn't mean that you're done.

  • Take Responsibility

It's easy to push responsibility to the outer world on things that haven't really worked out the way you want them to. It's harder to take that responsibility upon yourself.

You can more fulfillment when you take that responsibility upon your own shoulder, take charge of your direction, and start to make things happen.

It's okay if the steps are small, as long as they are steps.

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