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The "Busy" Trap - How To Avoid It

This post is for people who have certain goals in mind, and want to work towards achieving them.

How many times have you given yourself some tasks, just to mindlessly go about them, and next thing you know, you've wasted 30 minutes just doing some task that won't actually do much in the long run.

This post will be brief, because I really want you to take the message home, which is don't fall in the trap of being "busy". If the thing you're doing isn't really helping with your long term goal, then it's probably not of much use.

We tend to fall in this trap when we want to trick ourselves into thinking that we are doing something, accomplishing something, doing something that's meaningful and will make us feel good about our day.

OR what could happen, is you spend so much time on one task, and then you begin to justify that this is important and it needs to be done.

While I'm not saying that certain tasks are not important, what I am saying that it's more important to spend time thinking and planning about what is worth your time, rather than just going about different things, just for the sake of.

How To Make Sure You Don't Mindlessly Do Meaningless Tasks

  • Plan Out Your Tasks For The Goal At Hand

So instead of going without an aim, have a look at your goal at hand, and really focus on the certain tasks that will propel achievement of that goal in a forward direction.

  • Set A Time Limit

I like to put a timer on my watch for the amount of time I think a certain task will take. If I don't finish it in the allotted time, I can either give myself a bit more time, or move on to the next task.

Just keep a reminder to go back to the previous task if incomplete.

This also makes my more aware to do one task, which takes me to my next point.

  • Single Task

This one is near and dear to me, because far too often I've fallen in the trap of doing too many things, because for some reason I think I'm superhuman and can do 5 things all at once.

Do ONE task, and focus on that until you've gotten done what you wanted, THEN and ONLY then do you move on to the next.

  • Take Mental Breaks

After about 45 minutes of total work time, I tend to take 3-5 minutes of rest time. This time could be spent doing anything, as long as it doesn't add more stress to your mind.

Stretch, walk, or be mindful of the other tasks you have to do that won't be time wasters. This little mental block will save you LOTS of time in the long run.

Work your mind, but don't overwork it.

  • Focus On The Win

With monkey mind happening, which is the occurrence of your mind going everywhere at once, it's easy to loose track of the end goal.

That's when you start to do whatever, and loose track of what you actually have to do. This is also when distractions are at an all time high.

"Let's see what Instagram people are up to"

When you focus on the win, you're more aligned, and more inclined to do what you have to do.

  • Celebrate

Celebrate the fact that you've done well up until this point, and you've focused on what you've had to do.

This celebration could be anything.

It's there to excite you about your future tasks, and ingrain in your mind that once you get the tasks done, then you get another reward.

In conclusion, distractions are everywhere and they all want our attention.

Your mind tends to overthink, and justify doing certain things to make yourself feel good about the tasks/the situation.

Use these tips to get present, get mindful, and get crystal clear on the things to do. I want you to get ahead, and you will when you implement these steps.

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