• Shahab Nilgiri

The Power Of Making A Decision

The power of making a decision can have huge impact on you and your personal life.

Every thing you have in your life right now can be traced back to every decision you've ever made.

There comes a certain point in time, where you may feel low, or stagnant about where you currently are. This is ultimately when a decision has to be made.

I think for most people, making a choice to change something comes with hardship. Whatever your current routine is has been a routine for a long time. Maybe it's been 1 year, 3 years, 6 years, but there has to be a time where things have to change (if that's what you ultimately want).

Decision Paralysis

This is a very real thing. It's when you have TOO many decisions to make, and you haven't narrowed it down to a few key things. This typically happens when you've taken on too much.

There's an important key to learn here. If you've taken on too much, then your mental energy is pulled in different directions. It's going to be significantly more difficult to make a decision this way.

The best thing to do, is to minimize the amount of commitments you might have. You have the power to not take on as much, so use that power to your advantage.

Making Decisions With Urgency

To make a decision, means to cut off. Decide comes from the latin word "decidere", which literally means to "cut off"

You cut off from any other possibility, and decide what you must. A choice made with urgency lasts more hardships than a choice made with half the effort.

Questions To Consider

By now, you've probably understood the importance of decision making.

- How it's like a muscle, the more you make them (with urgency) the stronger you get

- It's vital to live a fulfilled life

- People in lack, usually tend to make slower decisions (if any at all)

So what are some things you can do now, in order to make sure you are on the right path?

Question 1

  • What are two decisions you've been putting off? One small scale decision, and one larger scale decision. Find them out, create a plan of action, and execute on them ASAP.

Question 2





  • For these 4 areas, what are 4 things (1 for each) you can do to improve your quality of life? Find them out, plan, and execute right away.

Question 3

  • After setting out to make the proper changes, how will your quality of life improve??

With that, I'm going to conclude this blog post.

If you haven't already, book your call with me, so we can make sure you've got the proper coaching, proper accountability and guidance, and you're headed in the right direction.

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