• Shahab Nilgiri

Too Much Stress? Chances Are, It's Your Fault

Before I offend anybody, I want to say this. I'm not saying that EVERY single stress that's in your life is your fault.

What I am saying, is you get what you decide to tolerate. If there are things in your life that are totally under your control and they have not been dealt with, then it's time to re-evaluate why this is so, and come up with an action plan.


Too many times, we fall under a victimhood mentality. We feel that our circumstances aren't ours anymore, and end up going in this loop of stress because the same patterns arise over and over again.

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing (for a limited amount of time) Here's why...

There's people from all walks of life who may be in the same kind of situation (let's just say, 3 kids are in the picture and it's chaotic) and yet, two different groups of people in these identical situations might have totally different outcomes.

There's more order in one, while there's more chaos in the other.

Why is that?

Now, what about a different situation where you may be stressed about multiple areas of your life (finance, health, routine, etc...) What do you end up doing?

Again, two different groups of people in the same situation might have totally different outcomes.

In The End, You Decide What You Deal With

I'm not saying you just DEAL --> Drop.Everything.And.Leave

What I am saying is take some time to really DECIDE what you want your outcome to be. If you have family/partner, then you communicate that with them. It's unlikely that you'll be able to do this on your own without that in-home support.

One group decided that this is too much, and "it is what it is" kind of thing. Yes, things are the way they are now, but what truly is stopping you from changing certain things in your present?

The other group decided, "Forget this, this is NOT how I want things to be." That's it, that one decision sparked everything, and slowly their situation changed.

Take Responsibility

This doesn't mean that you blame yourself for everything and go down this spiral of negativity, but it does mean that you're straight with yourself and tell yourself how it is.

Our standards, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, are at a certain level. We truly do end up getting what our standards are. Nothing more, nothing less.

Plan Of Action

Every situation is different, so it's hard to say exactly WHAT you need to do for your unique one, but sit down and come up with things you can do to tackle ONE area first. Put that in your calendar, make it official.

Next, implement what you've decided, whether that be talking to your loved ones about what changes you would like, or going to the gym, gaining more fulfillment, anything!

Someone once told me, and it stuck with me to this day, you are where you are because of all the decisions you've ever made in your life. So if you would like to change certain things, you raise your standards and change up your daily decisions.

Doing It Alone

While it's possible to do this all on your own, it's always a plus to have a helping hand by your side.

If you're ready to up your game to another level, then don't hesitate to book your free call with me.

In it, we'll dive into where you are, where you want to be, and see if we'd be a great fit for each other.

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