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What Does Equilibrium Mean To You?

This may ring a bell, only because lots of individuals might be at a struggle point to find their equilibrium in life.

Are you working too much, and sleeping too little?

Are you sleeping too much, and working too little? (probably not a good thing, the work part)

There's more to this than just those two variables.

Equilibrium means different things to different people, and finding out what works for you is the most important thing you can do.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to finding that 'balance'.

  1. How much time am I putting into my work? Is it something I enjoy doing?

  2. How often do I get to spend time with my loved ones?

  3. Do I allocate enough time for myself? For any activities?

  4. Is there a sense of anxiousness when I wake up in the morning? Or in my day?

  5. Is what I'm doing now, a part of my ultimate desire in life?

  6. Wait, what on earth is my desire?!

Equilibrium means more than having a balance of TIME between work and home. Time is just one variable when it comes to this.

We never really find that spot where EVERYTHING is "equal". Life tends to pull us in different directions with different people, circumstances, events.

But what we can do is PURSUE to find what works best for us. You know that saying? Life is a journey? Yeah, that cheesy one. It does have merit to it.

No One Can Tell You Where Your Happiness Lies

Ultimately, if there's something about your personal story that's causing you some inner pain, then only YOU can let yourself know, that do something about it.

Let's take work for example.


Only 1/4 Of Canadians Are Satisfied With Their Current Job (Ceridian, 2018)

If you don't like your job, then the simple advice would be to change it. BUT the inner voice in your head says something totally different. Something along the lines of comfort, payments, family, etc...

While all those might be legitimate ideas, they are not actually strong enough reasons to not do anything. Why? Because you are worth it. You should ALWAYS tell yourself that you are worth it.

If you don't like your work, then other areas of your life are affected.

-how much money you can spend

-how you feel when people ask you about your job

-your energy level from a mental standpoint when you are out in public

-your relationship

All this means that you are definitely out of equilibrium.

What about your body?

The body is a beautiful thing, because it's yours. But it's only up to you to actually make lifestyle changes if you want to change anything.

Body change isn't just physical, but there's a huge mental component.

Not being truly happy with all of you is a huge shift in your balance. I'm not suggesting that you have to be a bodybuilder, but what I am suggesting is that you SHOULD NOT settle for anything less than what you want with your body and mind.

That rule applies to all areas of your life.

Personal Relationships

This could be intimate, personal, or with yourself. If you are a human (and I'm assuming you are) you have contact with different people in your day to day. Your friend circle, intimate partner, work colleagues, neighbourhood friends, these are all in your immediate circle.

If you didn't like someone's energy, or a group of individuals, then get that part of your life in balance and make a positive change.

Don't justify reasons in your head that you know deep within don't make sense.

If you don't like your friend circle, talk to them (first), or make new friends

If you don't like your relationship (or certain traits) with your partner before doing anything.

If you don't like your relationship with yourself, work on yourself.

Do what you have to do to find that inner balance, which helps you achieve the outer.

What are other things you can be out of balance with? The above mentioned things are definitely some of them, but your finances are a possibility, your confidence/self talk, your overall look and joy with it comes to life.

As I've said previously in this post, there is never a time where you just magically "make it" and all things in your life are equal, and you live happily ever after.

It's more about finding and tweaking what's currently in store.

It's about making things happen

It's about not falling for the excuses that your head makes up.

It's about WHO you want to become in the process, and grow from there.

Ever Considered Working With A Coach?

Have you had sometimes where you've struggled to find out what really works?

Maybe you're a male reading this, and you've gone through some confidence and anxiety issues?

Are you having trouble finding your right "balance"?

Have you ever considered working 1 on 1 with a coach?

I'm not going to make this a huge sales-pitch about me, and how incredibly awesome it can be to work with me (ok ok, I'm just messing, but sort of), but working with the RIGHT kind of coach can really propel you in whatever direction you want to go in.

You can click the "more" option on my homepage and contact me, or just comment on this post.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this post, please do share!

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