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What's There To Know About Personal Development Coaching?

August 28, 2018


Shahab Nilgiri

Video starts around 1:15 mark

Jon and I recently had a zoom call together, and the discussion was about...

- transitioning into a life coaching career

- what coaching actually is, and how it will benefit people

- what elements do people need for their personal happiness

- fear, and how you can manage it

3:00 - What Is Fitness? Is It More Than Just The Pure Physical Part Of It? 

In this segment we mention how we see people in their homes, we work with them one on one, but there's so much more to it than just physically training them. 

Physically training them is just one way to help individuals. Working on their habits, their mindset, and their overall wellbeing in their own minds is a beast on it's own. 

5:25 - What Is Coaching? 

Coaching has a wide range of services that can be offered. We break it down, and say why it's beneficial. 

Coaching has lots of benefits, especially helping their clients get from stage 1, to stage 2. 

We as coaches have to be 1 step ahead of our clients, that's it. 

We as coaches have to find out where there is resistance, why there might be resistance, and find out what we can do together to reduce the resistance. Maybe there is a certain thing that one can do to actually change their outcome, and it might have been something that they were afraid to do, or just never thought about it. 

We mention yoga as an example, and how that could be a solution to their lethargy, their lack of mobility, and their lack of a growth mindset. 

It's also about not having all the answers. We're humans, and that means that we're not perfect. It's okay as a coach to not have all the answers, but it's about asking the right questions, re-framing, being honest, and get past 

11:25 - Happiness, What Is It? How Can We Achieve It?

Everyone's got a different meaning of happiness, but something we all NEED is having growth. 

Growth is what makes us feel that we're moving forward in the direction of our goals, dreams, aspirations, those things that we want in life. 

We talk about the 6 human needs, which Tony Robbins has mentioned in his talks in the past. 



Love And Connection


These ones are personality needs, and most will need



These ones are needs of the spirit, and these are by far the most difficult ones to meet for people.

21:43 - Let's Talk Fear

Anxiety is at an all time high, and this is good and bad. 

Bad because of obvious reasons, but good because that means there are more people to reach and give a helping hand to. (notice how I reframed the whole situation?)

There's fear of failure

-what if I'm not enough?

-what if people will laugh at me?

There's fear of success

-what if I try my best, I achieve my goal, but I'm still unhappy? OR now you know that there's no more excuses for you, and that is fearful? 

For most people, they can't really get positive changes without first working on what is blocking them in their own minds. Everyones got subconscious blockages, and it's our job to help them find that. 


I hope you enjoyed the interview!

If you would like to find out how you and I can work together, then leave me a comment, or send me an email -> shahabn21@gmail.com

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