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Who Hires A Life Coach? How Can They Help You? Here Are 6 Reasons To Consider Hiring One

August 21, 2018


Shahab Nilgiri

I know what you're thinking...

A life coach? Really? What does a life coach know that I don't?

I use to be one of those people that doubted the importance of hiring a life coach. I thought it was odd, different, weird, and the list goes on. 

It's the ignorance within us that stop us from achieving what we thought wasn't possible. 

What I invite you to do, is to be open to the idea of getting a coach. 

Lots of successful people have believed in coaches for years, and swear by them. You too have most likely had coaches in your life without even realizing. A life coach can be an individual with different tools in their arsenal. Most people who hire a coach need help with their personal development. Mindset is the biggest thing holding people back, and a coach can help you figure out what your internal barriers actually are. 

What are some signs that a coach may be of help to you?

Here are 6 reasons which you may be able to relate to.

You Feel Like You Need A Sense Of Direction

If you feel like you are lost professionally or from a personal standpoint, then working with a coach may be a great idea for you, and may result in new beginnings. 

You Are Letting Your Circumstances Get The Best Of You

If you are like most people, then you tend to deal with stress on a daily, but HOW do you actually deal with it?

A lot of us let our circumstances get the best of us. Maybe there's work stress, home life is too much, maybe the people around you don't get the best out of you. Whatever the case may be, these situations are harmful, and a coach can help you narrow down what your catalyst is for your feelings, and help develop a plan of action. You'll be able to have the confidence, and tools to deal with your circumstances and own it, rather than it owning you. 

You Need An Accountability Partner

We tend to do things when someone is holding us accountable. A life coach helps you gain clarity, get things done, and you'll get them done because someone is checking in on you! You'll be surprised at how many times we tend to justify reasons for not finishing tasks we KNOW we need to complete. 

You Need Someone To Vent Out Your Negative Energy To

Lots of times, we may have an idea we are excited about. We feel the passion within us, and we want nothing more than to share that passion and excitement with the world. 

Then something happens....

You tell people, and because of their judgement, you tend to lose your drive, motivation, and you don't believe in yourself as much as you did.

This is another reason why having a coach is beneficial, because they are there for you in times of need, and they give no judgement. 

You Could Use A Makeover For Your Personal Foundation

Your foundation helps you grow from the inside out. Once you have a good base (mindset, inner beliefs) then things start to happen. 

We forget about our personal development, and sometimes need someone to talk to us to get us out of this rut with proven concepts. 

A coach helps you get out of your own way, and helps you strengthen your own personal foundation so you can be the best version of yourself. 

You Need Some Balance In Your Life

Life is a juggling act, and if you don't juggle everything as best as you can, things tend to fall apart. 

There's work, education, personal development, health, family, and more depending on your unique life!

A life coach can help you sort these things out, let you know if you are out of balance, and help you develop a plan of action to balance things as best as you can. 

A life coach understands that we wear many different hats, and we need to prioritize certain things over others, depending on the situation at hand. 

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