Turn Your Lack Of Empowering Habits, And Low Energy You Have Into A Powerhouse Of Habits That Cause Confidence, Clarity, Energy And Purpose

We Need 3 Things To Dominate In Life


This All Happens With A Mixture Of Exercise & Mindset Training!


MENTALITY: How well you think about your life

ADAPTION: How well you adapt to every situation that's happening​

DISCIPLINE: How well you can go on with your habits, and the changes that you're making. 

About me

Hey! I'm Shahab

I've had my fair share of run in's with things in life that cause us as to question our self, our confidence, our self worth, and what we are truly capable of. 



By taking responsibility, getting help, and really focusing on strengths & what can be improved upon, things can turn around where you become a person of mentality,  adaption, and discipline.


How many times have you thought to yourself...


- Is this all there is?


- Why don't I feel good in my own mind, in my body?


- It's so frustrating how I just don't FEEL confident within myself. Why?


- I have goals to achieve, I just don't know HOW to go about it...


And how many times does your mind go...


*You're going to fail!

Client Testimonials

Shahab is genuine and if you work with him you'll find he puts your best interests first and is able to combine empathy/caring along with the education to make a difference.

Jonathan T

Imagine you were given the tools to perform at your Best Mental & Physical capacity, while becoming the individual you were meant to be. 

Committed To Your Goals

You'd be confident in your ability to try different things


Something like Exercise wouldn't make you squirm


Men & Women would want to be around your positive energy


You would be able to master your emotions, and take control


Your body would be a product of discipline and positive habits, rather than the negative ones


The vision for your life would be more clear, and you'll go towards it no matter what


You will take responsibility 


Even though the current situation might not be what you want, you will survive, adapt, and conquer. 


In times of overwhelm, you will be able to step back, assess, and re-direct


You won't spend valuable mental energy on things that don't matter.


The opinions of others don't hinder your direction, but fuels you instead.


Your habits will be one of discipline, rather than disappointment


Finding love for you won't be a problem, because you won't seek it. Your confidence will radiate, and people will naturally be drawn to you. 

So, Why Should You Get Into This Program?

Boom - I thought you'd NEVER ask! 


Then a follow up question comes to mind.


Is It Worth It For You To Work On Yourself? 


Despite everyone always being distracted, it gets you nowhere. 


What happens when you feel like you're a bit lost in the vastness of the world?


What happens if you're NOT moving your body? Does that bring you down?


What happens if you don't fuel your body well? Does that increase your energy? 


Have there been things that you've tried, or wanted to try but just never got around to it? 

This Is A Place For Betterment

The mind tends to get a little crazy, and in this day and age, bettering yourself from various perspectives yields a greater satisfaction.  


All those follow up questions that I asked prior, there was a reason for all those. 


If you don't tackle your inner conflicts one by one, your conflicts control you for the rest of your life. 


Imagine you don't set up a certain schedule, a routine for yourself, then you're going to continue being lost in the world.


If you continue going through, and not getting help, you'll have the same thing as you had in the prior year.


When you get into the program, you can expect the following things...

  • A bigger sense of relief, and self confidence within yourself to pursue the dreams that you never initiated, so that you can actually LIVE the life you want to live

  • A safe place for you to share what's on your mind without judgement, so that you can get proper feedback, and make the necessary changes

  • Actually WANTING to take part in activity, because it feels good.

  • Going towards your goals in a meaningful and methodical way, so you can conquer one goal, and go on to conquer others.

  • Having a higher sense of self worth, and feeling more self love, which will help you attract the proper people in your life. No more time wasters.

  • Feeling more abundance in your life, and a healthier sense of joy so you can continue being the best version of yourself for both you, and your circle.

Be Present As To What Is Going On In Your Mind

This is the point when your mind goes all over the place with doubt.


This is why I make it a point in my program to help you get present with your thoughts


Below you will find the top 3 benefits a lot of my clients find working with me

  • Mindfully Beneficial: You will be present and persistent in pursuit of your purpose

  • Keep Working With You: We work until you've made positive changes & then some

  • Convenience: Life gets busy. Let's work around your schedule

Client Testimonials

Shahab is a very disciplined and focused individual who demonstrates that hard work and consistency, always will prevail, no matter what the goals are. Our conversations have been about fitness goals and plans but Shahab is able to apply structure and focus to a life coaching model that his clients would value. I would always recommend Shahab to anyone who is looking for life focus, perservence and dedication with any project that needs to get execute...

Ryan A

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Sessions Take Place?

Our life coach sessions take place over the phone, or over the computer on Skype/Facebook Video, etc... The fitness training sessions you will do according to the program, and we will check in once a week with that.

Are You A Therapist?

I'm certified in Life Coaching through Certified Coaches Federation, as well as a Certified Personal Training Specialist, but I am not a therapist. I do not treat any medical conditions. I help individuals gain their confidence within themselves, and hold them accountable to all the great things they want to accomplish.

What If I Change My Mind?

If for whatever reason, you feel like this programme isn't for you after our first official session, then you get a full refund no questions asked within the first 10 days. 

How Do I Know This Is For Me?

When we have our consultation call, that's when we dive in to see if this is a great fit for you, and your needs.

How Do I Make This Happen? 

Simply go below this and press the button for booking your call, and we take it from there. We dive into habits of self development, which involves a fitness component as well. This doesn't have to be fancy bodybuilding exercises, quite the contrary. We make sure you're actually the right client for these types of changes. 

What If I Don't Make Any Changes?


I want you to get results, just as much as you want them for yourself. If after the end of our programme, you don't feel like you've gotten results, then I will work with you until you see positive changes. 

  • Plan: Execute your plan and feel great

  • Presence: Feel good in your mind & body

  • Purpose: Have that driving purpose

  • Implement: Make good rules & keep them

  • Discipline: Break rules that don't work

  • Conquer: Conquer your days with greatness

  • Forward: We move forward, not back

  • Progress: Once we build, we keep going

  • Comfort: We get out of this zone

  • Are you ready to take on control of your life, your decisions,  and the impact you're going to make on the world?

  • Are you always tired of feeling tired? You're tired at work, at home, and there's really no drive anymore. 

  • Are you ready to enhance your current relationships with the people around you? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions...


You are ready to make a change


You are ready to make an impact


You are ready to take charge of your life


You are ready to become your own person


You are ready to run things, rather than it run you


You are ready for some bada$$ changes!

Let's Get You On The Rise

You want the best for you, and I want the exact same. 


Remember, there ARE no problems, ONLY solutions. 


Let's get it

Book Your Discovery Call!

"Every Moment Of One's Existence, One Is Growing Into More, Or Retreating Into Less."

Client Testimonials

Madmind coaching is a truly abundant coaching business, and its founder, Shahab Nilgiri, is an authentically spiritual practitioner who seeks to empower his clients, and help them rise to new heights.

Blake M

P.S. - Our conversation will be laid back, so don't sweat it. Let's see what's holding you back from being the best you can be!

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